Mayans MC episode 2 review: A kidnapping and complications

Mayans MC episode 2Mayans MC episode 2 on FX had the challenge of effectively trying to pick up on a number of loose ends from the massive premiere episode — we’re not sure that it tied many of those up, but it certainly created some new ones in the process.

Take, for example, the war between the rebels and the cartel. Back in the earlier days of this battle, Miguel Galindo promised Emily that his “other world” would never cross over into their personal life. Yet, it now has, and it culminated with Emily’s son being taken. Given that this kid is, more than likely, the same one that Emily was pregnant with back after EZ’s arrest, EZ is likely more than aware that this baby is actually his. That makes him all the more invested in trying to find him.

It was during this episode that we first got a sense of what EZ and Emily’s relationship is in the present — there is still some love here, but at the same time, also some distance. She does realize that there is something that EZ gives her that Miguel does not — trust. He made it clear to her that the Galindo cartel had already responded to the rebels in a violent and deadly way — something that may not give her all that much hope that she will be reunited with her son at some point in the near future.

On some level, we’re surprised that this story wasn’t tied up in this episode; yet, this does keep the narrative engine going for a little while longer as we continue to have more to discuss when it comes to this story.

Beyond the kidnapping, what this episode really showed is that EZ’s brother Angel has his hand in almost every possible cookie jar; he is desperate both to get himself another step further in this world by working with as many different factions as humanly possible.

There are other problems that are starting to happen close to the border, including more friction, adult entertainment, and also some really shady business dealings in general. Two episodes in, and it’s already clear that Mayans MC is as messy for some of its characters as Sons of Anarchy was. You have a group of people so desperate to protect their own hide that they’re willing to do everything that they can to do so, including putting some other characters at risk.

CarterMatt Verdict

Is Mayans MC as entertaining in episode 2 as it was during the pilot? We certainly think so, though we do also still believe that there’s probably more going on right now than there really needs to be. Mayans is a show that likely isn’t going anywhere in the near future. We hope that the show does take its time to get into the heads of some of the characters while the story continues to move forward.

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