Better Call Saul season 4 episode 6 sneak peek: Mike’s ‘apology’

Better Call Saul season 4As we move into Monday night’s new episode of Better Call Saul on AMC, it appears as though there is going to be one word that matters more for Mike than almost any other — forgiveness. Granted, we’re not sure that he knows how to go about that in the same way as most other people.

Nonetheless, the sneak peek below for Monday’s episode does offer up a reasonably good sense as to what he wants to do with her, at least when it comes to one key thing: Trying to explain himself to Stacey, if that is at all possible for him. Mike is, after all, far from the sort of person who manages to constantly use a deft touch with other people. Yet, he knows that he has to do something after what happened at the grief counseling group, where he used some of his detective skills to the best of his ability. Even if he was looking after both her and everyone else, it may not have felt that way in the moment.Instead, it probably felt a little bit more like he was just scratching an itch and using what was in his arsenal. It’s almost sensory for him.

Beyond just that, Mike is not the sort of person who really knows how to turn this part of his brain off. It’s really just not something that he is altogether capable of doing.

Yet, he knows that he need to find a way to get back on better terms with Stacey again, largely because no good at all is going to come from him not having a good relationship here. This is one of the only things that Mike has to fight for, and if you look at this through the lens of Breaking Bad, it is even clearer that this is something that matters to Mike. Family is in some ways a strength of his, but eventually, it does become his greatest weakness through the lens of what happens with him and Walter White.

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(Photo: AMC.)

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