Elementary season 6 episode 20 review: The Michael case resumes

Elementary season 6Moving into Elementary season 6 episode 20, we knew that we were in for a pretty dangerous showdown with Michael in one corner and Sherlock and the other. The only question that remained after this was precisely how it would play out.

Well, let’s just say that this case was every bit as dangerous as we thought it would be and then some, as this case found Sherlock Holmes struggling to find a way to prove Michael was a killer — while, in the process, he got even more intent on causing chaos. In much of the promotional material for this episode, you saw a showdown teased where Joan was going to end up in danger. We wonder whether or not that would happen by the end of this episode (as opposed to the second hour, a.k.a. the series finale). Well, let’s just say that it happened here and it was all sorts of dramatic.

The good news here is that Joan managed to escape from Michael’s clutches; yet, that didn’t happen without some bumps and bruises. Joan found herself hospitalized in the closing minutes, with the unfortunate news is that Michael still find a way to escape. The police were trying to locate him, and the one silver lining via what happened with Joan is that it gave the police an opportunity to actually put out a warrant for Michael’s arrest. Ultimately, this gave them a chance to actually do something that they were not exactly able to do beforehand. The game is changing, and Sherlock now has help.

Yet, do you think that this is the sort of guy who is going to go down without a fight? Well, Gregson did get a call claiming that they found Michael’s body and he was dead. Here’s the problem: As it turns out, Joan is the primary suspect in Michael’s death, and the FBI is going to bring her in. What can Sherlock do to help her now?

CarterMatt Verdict

The main intention of the episode tonight was to set up some sort of thrill ride, and with that in mind, we absolutely think that this show delivered. Elementary season 6 episode 20 offered up a great performance from Desmond Harrington (albeit a very terrifying one), and it also gave us a good sense as to what the finale will look like with the spotlight being placed firmly on Joan Watson.

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