The Last Ship season 5 episode 1 review: A war of conspiracy

Last Ship season 5 episode 1The Last Ship season 5 episode 1 has officially come and gone and if there’s one clear takeaway that we have from it, it is this: The entire crew of the Nathan James is going to be counted on more than ever.

After all, the majority of the premiere episode seems to be based around a conspiracy that made it seem as though the United States was the aggressor in international warfare. Basically, they faced accusations of working to kick-start World War III when they didn’t have anything to do with it at all. Navy fleets were sunk, thousands were dead, and this seems to be the work of a rogue Colombian group who wanted to proclaim that America struck with violence against Panama and this was an act of revenge.

Basically, this is all warfare that kick-started courtesy of America being pinned as the bad guy. This puts the entire Nathan James crew in a difficult position — one where they basically have the status of the last ship all over again. At the start of the premiere, there was actually more of an actual Navy, Tom Chandler was teaching, and it felt like the world was actually better. Yet, everything slowly descended into hell in this episode and a celebration of military might turned into everyone, more or less, suffering their worst nightmare.

The premiere was surprisingly straightforward, with there not being too many diversions away from the principal narrative. This was a story that was largely focused first on how good America had it followed by how quickly everything started to fall apart. The thematic purpose of the story seemed to be showing the true impact of misinformation and espionage. America could find itself a target now, and nobody within the Nathan James or otherwise is even remotely out of the woods moving forward.

CarterMatt Verdict

As a whole, we would say that The Last Ship season 5 episode 1 did an excellent job of giving us some great drama and making us wonder how in the world this new America can survive what just happened. It was nice being able to start off with Tom, Sasha, and Slattery all in different places doing different things, but it was clear as the story progressed that they would all have to find their way back together.

This episode was incredibly violent and even scary at times, mostly in terms of how this could happen. It was also integral in setting the table for events to come.

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