Lodge 49 episode 6 review: The legend of Larry Loomis

Lodge 49Tonight on Lodge 49 episode 6, we had what can be effectively described as a lesson in letting go — at least insofar as Ernie goes. Over the course of the episode he had to figure out some of the wisdom of the Lodge … and then also how to let the Sovereign Protector go.

At the end, Larry felt like he handed down all of the information that he could to Ernie — then, he died. He left feeling what may have been his own sense of peace, and now Ernie is going to move forward as the leader of the Lodge. Given that the British arm of the Lynx is now in town, maybe this is going to make the transition a little bit easier.

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Of course, there are still some other questions that we’re left to wonder here about Larry — but we don’t think that there are going to be any answers coming in the near future. For example, was he actually crazy, or is there an element of truth about the alchemy and the history that lies within the Lodge? Is Dud really the man who was destined to be a part of it? In one way, they are all ridiculous ramblings of someone who has not been altogether there mentally for a rather-long time now. Yet, at the same time these are also some reasonably-fair questions to ponder. Lodge 49 has presented to you a story that is largely about mystery and belief. We don’t really mind not knowing, because it’s fun to see the world through Dud’s eyes as someone who clearly believes in everything on some level.

Dud is stumbling into some surprising things in his own way — after all, tonight also brought us a story where he, as a part of a temp security job, found himself learning more about the future of Long Beach than he imagined that he would.

Liz makes a move

Liz remains one of our favorite characters on this show, largely due to the fact that she has been beaten down by so many forces within her world that she has a hard time finding any motivation at all to make a change. Yet, she seemed to find it tonight thanks to 1) the owner of the donut shop using her as an example of who not to become to her daughter and 2) Liz injuring herself and getting hospitalized after hanging out with said daughter. At that point, she may have realized that it would be hard for her life to be any worse and she should try to make things better.

CarterMatt Verdict

Lodge 49 does remain an extremely-weird show, but that doesn’t take away from how incredibly entertaining it is — and nor should it. It’s a unique little slice of life from some people who want to believe in something greater … and also others who are trying their best to move forward with a version of life as it is.

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