The Sinner season 2 episode 6 review: A fire, a figure, and an escape

The Sinner season 2 episode 4 reviewFor the first time, The Sinner season 2 episode 6 delivered something that we’ve long been waiting for: Answers. Beyond that, healing. We finally learned that this was a dangerous place, but also one that Vera was desperate to make better.

Basically, it was the old “guru” who was manipulating the community and causing a great deal of chaos to the community, and Vera really took it upon herself in order to try and make things better … or at least try to bring them a little bit closer to being in the right. The problem is that Mosswood became a conspiracy, one that had tentacles that extended so much further than just that little sector of the state. The more that Ambrose realized that Vera may have been a protector more so than a terror, the more determined he was to really get some answers. That included, in part, working to get Julian’s case back to family court and then also resolving the mystery of a body in the lake.

Who was the body? When it was recovered, minutes later it was determined it was a woman … and, given how decomposed said body was, there was a reasonably good chance that this body was Marin’s.

After the charges were reduced and Julian was shifted back to family court, Vera did get a moment with Julian. His situation was changing, but he wasn’t completely out of the woods yet. For Vera, it’s also fair to say that she is not entirely innocent in anything just yet, either. She’s still got the tea obsession and wants control — she may not be the same monster as we saw in the past, she’s still a questionable character of her own and one that should be watched and paid attention to over time.

Also, Julian doesn’t entirely trust her, and that’s why he ended up speaking to Ambrose at the end of the episode. It was there Ambrose told him that Adam and Bess’ afterlife was not guaranteed as he once thought, and that helps to inform why he killed in the first place — there was no permanence to his actions in his mind, and because of that he killed to save himself.

“When do you stop being guilty?”

That’s a question that Julian asks Ambrose in the closing minutes, and it was a good one since he didn’t quite know. He just recognized that life would have to go on, and on matter what happened or who was responsible for him turning out the way that he did, Julian has to find a way to live with what happened.

This is where we learned the truth about Ambrose’s past — he was the one who started the first in his past. He has his own trauma, and he thinks that the hooded figure Julian has been seeing is his guilt. That was a powerful idea and one that really explains why Ambrose has such connections with the people he’s trying to help. Julian saw that figure again at the end of the episode, and soon after that, he was gone. Was he kidnapped, or did he run? That’s a very important question to ponder now.

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CarterMatt Verdict

While we know a little bit more about both Vera and about Mosswood coming out of this episode, we are left still with many questions. For example, how complicit is Vera still in Julian’s upbringing and him becoming the person that he is?

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