Big Brother 20 episode 31 review: The great emoji battle

Big Brother 20Tonight, Big Brother 20 episode 31 felt almost like a clip show in some ways. There’s so little going on insofar as content goes within the house that the producers had to get a little bit creative.

With that in mind, tonight we saw an extended package about the Tyler – hair makeover that actually happened several days ago in the game. Meanwhile, we also got a highlights segment that was really all about Sam being incredibly cranky for most of the season. This was a way for some of the players to vent about some of her antics, and that’s really all production had to go with for story.

At least the competition tonight was moderately interesting, given the fact that we saw everyone take part in a well-designed emoji balancing game that included one of the most ridiculous costumes imaginable for Brett — who was a giant, smiling emoji for the entire competition. Haleigh did fairly well in this, which is why we do continue to wonder why in the world these people are targeting Scottie over her when she has shown, time and time again, that she is a significant threat. Kaycee won, and in the end she decided to not use the Veto.

Haleigh did try to talk game with Tyler tonight but, yet again, it fell mostly on deaf ears. Instead, what she learned via Scottie was that he was told he was a pawn … which led to her going into a room and crying until Kaycee consoled her. Consider this another reminder that Kayce really is the best social player out of anyone at this point. She may be called a “couch” by a lot of people in BB Twitter, but this is a couch who could be half a million dollars richer given how bitter some of these other players could be towards Tyler or Angela at the end.

All in all, this was a reasonably fun episode … but also not the most eventful one we’ve ever seen, either.

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