House of Cards season 6 teaser shows a rather lonely grave

Today, Netflix unveiled the latest House of Cards season 6 teaser, and at the center of this one is none other than Claire Underwood — and also a grave.

That grave is, of course, of none other than Frank Underwood, who is officially dead going into this final batch of episodes. We’re now bearing witness to Claire’s story, one in which she has power and one in which she more than expects other people to pay her respect and adoration.

There are two things that are very notable about this teaser. For starters, it is just how plain Underwood’s grave is for a former President of the United States. We went and took a look at a number of different Presidential graves before commenting here, and so many of them are elaborate in some shape or form. Often, they’ve got a big display, or at least something symbolic around them. John F. Kennedy and Ronald Reagan are two great examples of elaborate graves for former Commanders-in-Chief.

Beyond just this, there is also the fact that Frank’s grave is so empty in terms of people. Where are the mourners and well-wishers? The fact that nobody, not even historians, seems to have much of an interest in this speaks a great deal to his legacy — and also that power sometimes does not mean that you have a good bit of either love or respect.

We think that this teaser is a good precursor to some of what is going to be coming up next — even though it doesn’t really give you a whole lot else when it comes to information about what’s coming up.

The final season of House of Cards is going to be available for streaming come November 2. This will be an opportunity for some closure, and for the cast to go out on their own terms rather than as a result of Kevin Spacey’s own doing.

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