Fall TV Preview: With ABC’s The Rookie left Tuesday-night lineup?

In today’s edition of our ongoing Fall TV Preview series, we are taking a closer look at a series in ABC’s The Rookie that is entering the fall with high expectations.

The appeal that this show has is pretty clear: It’s a cop show first and foremost, and obviously there is going to be a huge market for this show based on that alone. You’ve also got Nathan Fillion starring in his first major series-regular gig since the end of Castle, and the rest of the cast is certainly solid and then some — we loved Dark Matter, so seeing Melissa O’Neill again is going to be a treat.

As for the premise, we certainly think that there are some that are going to be cynical about Fillion starring on the show as a rookie cop in his forties who finds himself the subject of ridicule and scorn because of it. Yet, the show tackles that completely head-on, and one of the things that you be surprised about is that while there are some funny moments, we do think that it’s meant to be a little more dramatic and earnest than you would at first think. Fillion’s age doesn’t seem to be a set-up for easy jokes all of the time, thought it’s inevitable that it is going to come up here and there.

As for what ABC likes about this show, it’s simple: Castle was a big hit for them for many years and beyond just that, this is a series with a chance to salvage a timeslot (Tuesdays at 10:00 p.m. Eastern) that has been bad for many years. Whether or not it works long-term remains to be seen, but our feeling is that’s going to get off to at least a reasonably good start?

Should you watch?

If you are a Fillion fan or love cop shows, it’s certainly going to be right up your alley — and we do think that there’s meant to be something inspirational about seeing someone undergoing a major life change that everyone wants to roll their eyes at. It’s hard to gauge its long-term success, but we absolutely think that The Rookie has a good chance at being a hit … but you have to wait until October 16 to see it. Because of the delayed start time for The Conners, ABC is waiting to roll out their lineup for Tuesdays.

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