America’s Got Talent review: Makayla Phillips, Shin Lim, Zurcaroh, & more

America's Got Talent

Tonight, America’s Got Talent aired its first live semifinal show, and that meant a chance to see who the REAL contenders are. There are a lot of singers in the show tonight, but we don’t foresee all of them getting through to the next round.

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11. Us the Duo – This was a nice performance, but the song wasn’t as catchy as last time and with them performing so early in the show, we think that they probably needed a home run here and they instead went for a double.

10. Voices of Hope – When the choir was together tonight, they were fantastic, and we love the song choice of “Defying Gravity.” It was a super-rocky start with the soloists, but it did get better as it went along leading to the big finish.

9. Front Pictures – Visually, this was stunning and what they do is great — the problem here is that this is just not a great act for America’s Got Talent and what they like to do. That’s no disrespect to them; this is just something meant for a show that’s not so fast-paced. We loved it, but recognize that there is no chance of them moving forward.

8. Makayla Phillips – Makayla went really hard with this. She put her all into it, and occasionally did push her voice a little bit too hard. Yet, when she nailed the notes she was outstanding. Strangely, the worst part of this was actually the background singers distracting us a little bit.

7. Amanda Mena – She kicked off the show, and did a really nice performance of “Happy” in the process. If there is an issue that Amanda still has, it’s probably utilizing the stage fully. But, there’s no denying her vocal ability … or that she may be able to become a star years down the line.

6. Junior New System – We know that they’ve got no chance to win this entire series, but what more could you really want from a dance crew? We have no idea! This was so high-energy, so fun, and so well-done in between the break-dancing, the heels, and the flips.

5. Michael Ketterer – Michael didn’t have the same magic that he did last week, but this was still the best vocal performance that we heard on the night. He was heartfelt and gave his all to the song … though it was probably too similar to past ones he’s done.

4. Duo Transcend – What they do is outstanding, intense, and super-dangerous. How can you want more than the aerial act and the roller-skate part at the end? While we understand that Billy & Emily were probably stronger at that last year, doing both in a single act is incredible.

3. Samuel J. Comroe – It’s so hard to compare what he and Duo Transcend did since they’re such apples and oranges, but we really think that his set tonight was killer and by far the best set we’ve seen on the show this season. Really funny and confident.

2. Zurcaroh – This is basically the best dance group of the season mixed with the best acrobatic act of the season. It’s so intense and every time we see them, they do something so different and unique. They’re absolutely insane and can anchor a show now.

1. Shin Lim – Outstanding performance. This wasn’t just about the quality of the illusions; instead, it was also about his charisma and how he was just so cool as a cucumber throughout. He may be the most-talented magician ever on this show.

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