Fear the Walking Dead season 4 episode 12 review: The quest for Al’s tapes

Fear the Walking DeadAfter last week’s new episode focused mostly on Morgan, Fear the Walking Dead season 4 episode 12 chose to take a slightly more scattered approach to its storytelling. We saw a number of different characters, though in the end we’re inclined to call this the June – Althea story more so than anything else.

For Al, her central struggle in this episode was a medical one. She needed to figure out a way in order to get her medication and, beyond that, she needed to figure out a way to get back her van. This is what housed a good many of her supplies and, per her own argument, could be the thing that saves the two of them. This is why she tried to manipulate June in order to do her bidding and, for a time, that worked — even though she lied to her along the way.

Why did Al need the van so badly? At a certain point, she realized that if she wanted June’s help, she would have to get on the level with her and be honest. She wanted the van back because she recognized the value of the tapes on there — it was a chance to get back the stories that she had that were close to her. Not only did she have the stories of strangers on those tapes, but also of the people she knew from her past. These stories were all she had, and she was intent on getting them back no matter what — even if she did put herself in a certain degree of danger along the way.

In the end, Al cluing in June was enough to get the two on the same page, and eventually go on a mission in order to get what she wanted back. Eventually, their stories did collide with Morgan, as he introduced them to some of his new travel companions.

Yet, there were also still some other characters out there in the wind, including Victor Strand and John Dorie. The gang wasn’t exactly back together at the end of the episode, but this episode started to get people closer to being on that road. Morgan still is planning to go to Alexandria, Al is trying to figure out where she stands, and at the end of the episode, we saw a sense of the human danger that is out there — the same person who managed to trick Quinn and allowed him to become walker chow.

CarterMatt Verdict

We weren’t quite sure how we would feel about Fear the Walking Dead tonight given that it was yet another episode without any longtime series regulars; yet, in one way or another, this ended up working. This was a fun episode that had a few different surprises in it.

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