Bodyguard episode 3 review: Things get explosive

Bodyguard episode 2Three episodes into Bodyguard season 1, and it feels pretty fair to say that we are completely and utterly hooked on the series. There is so much that the series is bringing to the table, whether it be magnificent drama or great performances.

Above all else, though, this series is showing that it is very much difficult for David Budd and Julia Montague to tow the line between their new-found personal relationship and professional commitments. He has built up feelings towards her, despite her beliefs and some of the orders that he has to effectively snitch on her. Meanwhile, it’s equally clear that Montague does have some feelings towards him.

However, there were huge issues that presented themselves within this episode, especially when it comes to whether or not these two can truly trust each other. For David, one of the biggest issues that he had to contend with was how she knew about the school — that was something that she did eventually admit in what was her greatest show of respect in him. To think, this came after David choked her in the middle of the night after an episode of PTSD. That was Julia’s biggest exposure to date to some of his demons, and it was one of the first times that she truly started to question whether or not continuing to have her as her PPO.

While the two tried to navigate whatever their relationship was, Budd still had a job to do — protecting the home secretary as she continued to go about her business, including giving a big speech on how to prevent future attacks from happening. That meant trying to take on some protests and, beyond that, attacks that could end up being so much worse.

That very thing came as we started to near the end of the season and David witnessed his worst nightmare come to life — an explosion in the middle of the speech and one that he desperately tried to prevent. This was a terrorist attack, and it’s one that left him having to pick through bodies in order to find Julia.

As we saw David try to get through the rubble, we were left still with many questions … including whether or not Julia would survive. She’s not dead yet, but her injuries are clearly very much severe.

CarterMatt Verdict

As a whole, Bodyguard episode 3 was outstanding. While we do think that the show could do more when it comes to expressing David’s interests in being with Montague, there’s no denying the heart-pounding intensity that happens at almost every turn here. You especially got that in the middle of Julia’s speech as the episode neared its explosive conclusion.

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