Power season 5 episode 9 review: The saga of Tony Teresi

PowerWe knew from the previews alone that Power season 5 episode 9 would be a watershed episode. It was hard to consider it anything otherwise given what we saw in between Tommy and his father Tony Teresi.

For most of the hour, we were absolutely convinced that Teresi was going to end up with his body in the Hudson River. One of the things that we’ve come to know about Tommy over time is that loyalty matters to him more than anything else — if you cross him, there’s no coming back. It’s what happened to Holly, and tonight, it happened to Teresi.

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Do we think that Tommy really cared that Teresi wasn’t planning to sell him out? Maybe, if he even believed him. The reality here is just that it didn’t ultimately matter. What did was that he opted to do so in the first place. The decision to take the deal and be the snitch from the jump cost Teresi his life. It doesn’t matter what he figured out after the fact since that level of malleability probably suggested that, on some level, Teresi was capable of betraying him again.

From the moment that Tony drove Teresi to hospice in the episode, it was clear to everyone how this was going to end. That’s what made the exit sign above Teresi’s head all the more poignant. He knew he was saying goodbye to Connie for good, and he knew that in going out those doors, he was going to his death. There wasn’t anything that he could say or do otherwise, but he still took the time to tell Tommy that he was a good man.

We interviewed Joseph Sikora (who was magnificent tonight) prior to this episode, and in that, he spoke about how he never believed Tommy to be a sociopath. This episode was a firm reminder of that. Tommy kills, but he does so out of necessity. He took no joy in murdering his father, and that is why he went to his mother and broke down after the fact. He just realized that there was no other choice that he could make.

This wasn’t the only shocker…

The main reason Tommy found out about Teresi was because of Angela, who got the information from John Mok and her team around her. As it turns out, they were ready to cut bait on Teresi since they had the information that they had on Ghost; they set him up so that he would be killed, and it would be very clear that Angela was double-dealing within the operation.

At the end of the episode, Angela faced either a significant amount of jail time or completely ratting out Jamie as Ghost. This was her chance to either show her loyalty or protect her own hide and try to move forward. Our cliffhanger now is waiting to see whatever outcome she chooses.

CarterMatt Verdict

Overall, Power season 5 episode 9 proved itself to be some magnificent entertainment, and also critical to the series’ long-term development. The death of Teresi, while predictable, was executed masterfully, as was seeing the pieces fall into place where Angela was cornered. This is all without even mentioning Tariq using a fake identity to get Kanan’s ashes, setting himself further as a future power-player within this dangerous world.

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