Big Brother 20 interview: Allison Grodner on the Battle Back, Jury House

Big brother 20Every week here at CarterMatt, we publish a new email interview with Allison Grodner where we discuss the latest from Big Brother 20Suffice it to say, though, this week was far from your ordinary week. We had a Battle Back Competition for starters, and then we also had some ridiculous gameplay suggestions — like Scottie declaring that he wanted to play with Tyler again. Then, there were also headlines away from the game itself when it came to JC’s behavior with some of the other players.

Before we do get to our answers from Allison, note that we did ask about how the show is monitoring JC’s actions behind the scenes and its decision-making in having him stay in the house. We did this prior to her and fellow EP Rich Meehan releasing a statement on the subject, which you can read over at the link here. That statement comes as a substitute to our typical third question.

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CarterMatt – We’ve seen a number of different competitions with jury battle backs over the past few years, whether it be what we saw tonight or even endurance back a few seasons in the past. This is such a game-changing competition, so what goes into choosing the right one for it?

Allison Grodner – Sometimes the Jury Battle Back resolves in the Live Show and sometimes it continues on in an endurance challenge but either way we want it to be something that any one of the jurors has a shot at winning. Whether it be a combination of a little skill and a little luck or through sheer ‘how bad do you want it?’ will power, the Battle Backs should be as epic as possible.

Are you surprised at how much constant interest there is, year after year, about the Jury House? I know I’ve heard people jokingly ask for live feeds from there (that seems a little extreme to me), but have you thought about ways to deliver more content from there beyond just what’s in the show?

We love a good jury house package and will always look to include as many as possible in the season. I think people might over estimate how much is really going on there when the cameras are gone though. Since the game is over, the jurors are really just relaxing and enjoying the things they could not have in the Big Brother house like music and movies and take out.

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