Big Brother 20 episode 28 review: Life on Planet Veto

Big Brother 20Big Brother 20 episode 28 brought you a couple of different things, in between a particularly gross, space-themed-themed Veto Competition and then also a reasonable amount of fallout.

Yet, there is still no denying that we are in the dog days of this season at the moment, given that there is only so much that can be done in order to make a boring part of the season rather interesting. Going into this episode, it was clear that Fessy and Haleigh were in trouble, and the moment one of them didn’t win the Veto, it was clear that one of them would be going home. (Of course, we knew this from the live feeds beforehand, but sometimes it’s nice to be able to see some of it in action.)

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The most interesting thing to us about the Veto Competition was that it was a lot about catching and, as we’ve been told many times, both Fessy and Kaycee have a history of playing football. This was a challenge well-suited for the two of them but, ironically, Kaycee actually wasn’t that great at catching the alien creatures with her hands in order to get points. Instead, it was her ability to catch things with her mouth that got her the win.

One other thing that we gotta know is this: How did Sam and JC only score a two on this? It feels like you can almost get one just based on luck. (This was really close — Kaycee only beat Faysal by a point.)

Before the Veto Ceremony, the most entertaining segment was Faysal getting angry at Haleigh for wandering around and trying to preserve her game rather than spend time exclusively with him in the game. That included Brett, who did everything that he could to charm him. We don’t think that this is really going to work, but we do think it benefits Brett to have a little more flexibility in the future.

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