Showtime claims Who is America? season 2 renewal still possible

Is Who Is America? on Showtime done or not done? This is one of the more interesting mysteries out there right now.

This weekend, show star Sacha Baron Cohen proclaimed that Sunday’s season 1 finale was the last one “ever,” which could just be his own brand of hyperbole. After all, it’s fair to remember that you cannot completely take a man seriously who spends a great deal of his time misleading and pretending to be other people out in the field.

Yet, today Showtime noted (via Entertainment Weekly) that no firm decision has been made on the series’ future, and we imagine that there is quite a dilemma that the network faces when it comes to the future of the show. While the ratings for the first season were modest at best, the show was sneaky successful in some other ways. For starters, it brought a ton of publicity to Showtime, and it also generated a good many subscriptions to the network. They often care more about this than they do anything else since that is how they make their money — this is one of the reasons why the new Twin Peaks is considered to be a great success for them even if some of the live ratings left a little bit of something to be desired.

Our feeling now is that the network will take their time to figure out if there is any gas left in the tank. Personally, our thinking here is that Showtime can probably find a way to do something more with Cohen, but it’s going to be really tough to do another This Is America? with the show in its current form. At this point, people are going to be so much more aware of Cohen and what he’s doing. The only reason why he was really able to get away with this in the first place this time is because it had been so long since the release of Borat and Bruno — the two movies that utilized a similar style of Cohen’s to great success. Now everyone is going to be suspicious of strange interviews that maybe they are being pranked for television.

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