Elementary season 6 episode 18 review: The Norman P. Horowitz mystery

Elementary season 6 episode 18Tonight, Elementary season 6 episode 18 delivered one of the strangest mysteries that we’ve seen all season long — yet, that’s also what made it fun.

At the center of the case tonight was a late man named Norman P. Horowitz, someone who had the amazing/shocking ability to seemingly predict the deaths of people before they happened. He was almost a human version of Minority Report, with the main difference here being that Horowitz is not actually able to do anything.

Yet, something strange was still happening here in that people who were subject of Horowitz’s predictions did end up dying, and that led to all sorts of questions regarding whether or not someone was killing the people at the center of his predictions leading to all sorts of paranoia as a result of it. Who would want to do this? Well, trying to figure out what was going on here was one of the reasons why this case was so challenging. It was hard for anyone to find leads for anyone — and, to make matters worse, Sherlock found himself a target after his own name came up in the process.

As the case was pieced together, it turns out that this was a family conspiracy and something that they were using in order to make a pretty penny. There was no way in which Norman was able to read into the future, and it was Sherlock who actually found the answers he was seeking through a quick vision of his own — one that came to him after seeing a photo of Norman’s brother. Basically, Sherlock figured out that some of Norman’s family were using an illegal drug to convince people to do horrible acts to themselves, making Norman’s prophecies true. From there, they attempted to try and flee the country.

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CarterMatt Verdict

The most disappointing thing about tonight’s Elementary is that there was no real focus on Michael after last week’s revelation that he was alive. Yet, we also did think that there were a lot of interesting moments in this episode as we had an opportunity to see a most unusual case. The only real B-story that we got was Sherlock looking to give more of his wealth back to charity to make New York a better place — which led to a nice Sherlock

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