Better Call Saul season 4 episode 4 review: Jimmy’s cell-phone origin story

Better Call Saul season 4Tonight, Better Call Saul season 4 returned with an episode full of questions, starting with just how Jimmy McGill would evolve after getting the letter from Chuck — and also what would happen next with his “job search.” Really, Jimmy has just shown off a habit of disregarding every offer thrown his way, at least for the time being.

Yet, apparently there was one thing that caused him to rethink that offer: The idea of having to see a shrink otherwise. He ended up calling a cell-phone job back after previously saying no for the sake of getting out of it. His new job apparently requires a ridiculous green vest, a ton of cell phones, and really bad elevator music. As it turns out, nobody is really interested in cell phones. He spent his time just hanging out until eventually getting a rather-nice pay cut for the Bavarian Boy.

It was dealing with the thief that he got some good advice — “new job, new phone.” That’s clearly something that stuck with him moving forward. Also, Jimmy has decided to take matters into his own hands to drum up business at the story.

As for Kim, it is already clear that she is struggling when it comes to getting some stability in her own career — and also happiness. She is spending some of her time at court to fall in love with the law again, mostly because she’s miserable with Mesa Verde … especially after what she went through with Chuck. She’s just looking for a way to escape the norm.

The criminal underworld

For characters like Mike and Nacho, they’re dealing with problems that are so much more in-your-face. Take, for example, the violent showdown that Nacho got himself into, one that, in the aftermath of it, he was injured and left stumbling around. He also found himself doing Gus’ bidding as he described to him the state of the turf war between the cartel and Salamancas. This is where Gus could come into play, mostly because he was the unstable element that could come in and upset the apple cart.

Mike, meanwhile, knew of some of the danger that surrounded him, but instead of focusing on just this, instead he put his detective skills to work for Stacey’s grief counseling. He managed to alternate between his security gig, finding scumbags who take advantage of the grief of others, and occasionally getting an important message or two on more important matters.

At the end of the episode, Mike took off to engage in a meeting with Gus … or, he was really forced to engage in a meeting with Gus. As it turns out, he has a job for him.

CarterMatt Verdict

One thing that we do think Better Call Saul needs to work at a little bit more is not being so scattered, given that there are a number of different stories that bounced around throughout this episode. Yet, we’re not going to deny that any of these stories were something short of incredibly compelling from start to finish.

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