Who is America? season 2 renewal: Is it even possible over at Showtime?

Following the finale airing on Showtime tonight, is there actually a chance at a Who is America? season 2? Is that something that we, even remotely, can see happening?

Well, it’s a difficult thing with this show given that you can’t just cart around Sacha Baron Cohen as the same characters anymore. Everyone talks to each other in the political world and because of that, everyone will likely be aware if he actually tries to go out and do this again. He’d have to slip into more of a producer role and have other people go into the field — and maybe they wouldn’t be as effective. This just feels better off as the sort of show that can be done once and never really again after that. It’s just so hard to replicate it given the current climate and awareness that is out there.

As a matter of fact, you can really argue that the only reason the first season worked was because Baron Cohen spent a good bit of time away from the spotlight after the success of some of his movies like Borat and Bruno. Viewers forgot about him long enough for him to go out and pull something like this off.

As for the ratings for the series, they weren’t great on paper — but you have to remember that Showtime is the sort of network that cares just about live numbers. This is a show that can gain significantly via DVR streams and, beyond that, all indications are that Who is America? brought in a ton of new subscribers. It’s a success story in the same way that Twin Peaks was for its revival — it may not have had a huge ratings imprint but, at the end of the day, it really doesn’t matter. Showtime’s best bet now is to just continue their relationship with Baron Cohen … but probably for a new show.

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