Big Brother 20 interview: Allison Grodner on Battle Back, Faysal’s game, Brett’s fire

Big brother 20We are back this morning with our latest weekly Big Brother 20 interview featuring Allison Grodner, and there are a few different subjects to touch on this time! This week, the executive producer discusses the upcoming Battle Back twist plus also the questionable moves by Faysal and then also Brett’s brief fire that he got going in the oven last week.

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CarterMatt – So we’ve got a Jury Battle Back next week! What excites you about throwing the twist in here at this point in the season?

Allison Grodner – It is always fun to be able to bring someone back that the house thought was gone for good. No one has ever made it to the end after coming back in, but we have seen their gameplay evolve. It will be interesting to see what these jurors do with a second chance.

What surprised you the most about this past week: Faysal’s decision to nominate Scottie, or seeing Scottie try so many plans before ultimately deciding to apologize and seemingly accept his fate?

I think the most surprising thing about this week was Fessy’s decision to target an ally after loosing a number two weeks in a row. I do not think we have ever seen an alliance be able to win so many competitions yet make so many fatal mistakes. As for Scottie, I think the biggest surprise was his feelings for Haleigh.

We saw Brett’s fire on the show [on Thursday] (and Sam putting it out pretty quickly!). When moments like that happen, what’s the procedure that takes place behind the scenes? Do you bring someone in just to make sure everything is okay?

I always say that the BB house is the safest place to be. With over 80 cameras, 100 plus microphones and 400 people watching behind the scenes, we are here to keep the house guests from hurting themselves. Sam’s quick action was amazing, but we definitely had a crew come in and make sure everything and everyone was okay.

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