Sharp Objects episode 8 (finale) video: Camille’s search for justice

Are you ready for Sharp Objects episode 8 — or, is there really any way in which to be ready for it? Given that this is the final episode, it’s hard to be prepared for any resolution.

Yet, it’s also calming to know that this is, in fact, the end of the road. HBO’s not trying to trick anyone by ordering a second season after the fact. This is a case of the end really being the end. Whatever happens with this story is going to tie everything together.

Moving into this episode, there are still many questions worth wondering, including if there will be some sort of proper conclusion to the Wind Gap murders or, of course, the devastating reveal that we’ve found out about when it comes to Adora. That in particular is a prime example of Sharp Objects at its most painful. This is a troubling, at-times haunting series where there are characters who are battling enter demons — including the person responsible for trying to get justice in Camille. This just adds to the complicated tapestry of what lies ahead since Camille has to resolve both everything that she’s dealing with and also the world that permeates around her.

We’re not entirely sure that there will be an ending here that everyone can be happy with … mostly because it’s hard to tell if happiness is even possible for so many of these characters. The one thing that is abundantly clear from the promo below is that there could be some deadly twists to come and that, in some ways, innocence or guilty may not be top priorities for some of the interrogators. There’s almost a sense that some just want things to go back to normal, even if that means not actually resolving anything the corrupt way.

Just be prepared for a difficult, emotional send-off to a limited series that has been that and more.

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