Wynonna Earp season 3 episode 6 review: Christmas carnage

Wynonna EarpChristmastime is here. Even though it was August, Wynonna Earp season 3 episode 6 still delivered plenty of holiday cheer.

So, what did we see? In the early going, we had Nicole dressed like an elf, Wynonna wishing that she could wear Christmas pajamas all year, and Mama not being all that interested in letting Doc bring in a real tree. All of this was fun, but that was before we then got into crazy Santas, demons, and a whole lot more.

Oh, and we also had a chance to really dive into Waverly’s father as Mama gave us a chance to hear the story about how she was born — as a result of an affair with an angel named Julian. She wants more information about this man, his whereabouts, and also where he’s been, but the problem is that Mama hasn’t been altogether open to share information. She went looking for it then from Bobo, who typically isn’t who you want to go to for some info. Yet, when you’re desperate, we suppose that anything goes and you just take advantage of whatever opportunity you can.

Unfortunately, at the end of the episode we saw … Mama letting Bobo out? What is she doing? Is she this desperate for Waverly to not know any more information about her father?

The case of the week

Well, it touches back to what happened with Tim and Bulshar earlier in the episode, as we bore witness to some kidnapping of some local kids. Families were freaking out, and with this being Christmas, it obviously made sense for Wynonna to what to do everything that she could in order to find them and rescue them from a terrible fate — basically, spending the holidays trapped in a cage.

This was a tough situation for our heroes, mostly because not only did Tim not want to help all that much, but he also made a big decision after all of the chaos in Purgatory: He was ready to retire. This means that Nicole suddenly is going to have a potential promotion on her hands!

Romantically, Wynonna had to figure out just what she wanted — meanwhile, at the same time Doc needed to relay to her what it was he actually wanted. Having a wife she didn’t know about was kind of a big deal, and that was something that he really did need to properly explain. Yet, at the end of the episode there was no Christmas miracle for Wynonna and Doc — instead, she navigated over to Charlie instead, who she spent some of the episode working with.

The aftermath of everything

There was a nice moment for Wayhaught in the midst of Waverly’s promotion. Meanwhile, we saw Doc end up being back with his old wife and now, it doesn’t seem like he is going anywhere at the moment. He let her suck his blood, and after that, it’s clear that many things are changing…

Overall, this was a good episode and also a great way to celebrate the holidays. If the idea was to make this an episode people will watch in the future, we think that mission was definitely successful.

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