America’s Got Talent rankings: Makayla Phillips, Noah Guthrie, Duo Transcend, and more

America's Got TalentWelcome to the latest America’s Got Talent rankings piece! There is a new episode of the show airing on Tuesday night and based on the lineup, this one should be rather fun.

Below, you can see our first predictions for the upcoming episode, based mostly on the talent we’ve seen so far this season and also past voting patterns on the show.

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12. Yumbo Dump – They’re entertaining and slightly underrated by most America (try to do what they do!), but realistically, there’s a better chance one of them starts playing the banjo than the two of them advance.

11. Da Republik – A very good dance crew with a good story. However, they don’t have the same sort of immediate thing that makes them stand out like Junior New System.

10. Quin & Misha – They are given the Golden Buzzer a little recklessly by Martina McBride, and we just think there have been so many ballroom acts that their story doesn’t pop as much.

9. Front Pictures – A unique act during the audition rounds that is beautiful and very different than what you’re often gonna see elsewhere. The problem is that without a lot of airtime, it’s almost a complete unknown.

8. The Sacred Riana – Personally, this is one of our favorites. However, we wonder if America, who is often scared of its own shadow, is going to find her too creepy to advance. (We don’t buy the “she already was on another show” excuse since both Amanda Mena and Courtney Hadwin went through.)

7. Savitsky Cats – Really fun and totally unique. We feel like they should go through, but we’re not sure America has the cat-trick audience that it does with dogs.

6. Glennis Grace – To date, we’ve found her extremely gifted but rather predictable in her song choice. America will likely love her, but we’d take Riana and the Cats over her.

5. Voices of Hope – America loves choirs, and they also love kids. There’s no reason to think that they will be left behind.

4. Noah Guthrie – Noah is a darkhorse contender this season in that he’s already got a good social-media following and some rather famous friends who can campaign for him. He’s also super-talented, and we hope that the show just lets him perform now and stops focusing on the narrative.

3. Duo Transcend – Their narrative has been present front and center all season but in their case, it may help them since they are a non-singing act and deserve the extra attention.

2. Samuel J. Comroe – We actually prefer him as a comic to Vicki Barbolak and while we wonder if he has the same support since he’s not as distinct a character, he definitely is worth another go.

1. Makayla Phillips – It’s hard to rank her anywhere else based on what we saw last week: Two young singers go through to the next round. We have to think the same thing could happen here.

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