Unforgotten season 3 finale: Did Tim Finch kill Hayley Reid?

UnforgottenThe Unforgotten season 3 finale aired on ITV on Sunday night and entering the finale, Timothy Finch was the lead suspect. With that in mind, we certainly thought that the episode would somehow find a way to undo that and surprise us in the end.

Yet, somehow this is not quite what happened. Instead, what we witnessed was Finch being somehow even worse than he imagined. Hayley Reed was just the tip of the iceberg for a man who claimed to be both a rapist and a killer. He eventually made confessions on that, and just in hearing about some of his actions you could see how it was impacting Sunny and Cassie. Even if they have done this job for quite some time, you could still see and understand the pain that existed on their faces. It was abundantly clear that this was not something that they would be able to get over right away.

What was rather interesting about this finale, though, is that resolving what happened to Hayley was only a part of the story. This wasn’t so much a classic whodunnit that relied around getting answers and that was it. Instead, it was about trying to assess the aftermath of the arrest and also the impact that resolution had on so many other people.

Was this an opportunity to get some peace? You can argue so but, at the same time, it’s hard to completely wash away everything that happened. This has been a difficult case made so much harder by the fact that so many characters had to go through public scrutiny in order to get to the other side of it.

Yet, we do think the big takeaway from the finale of Unforgotten is that characters are going to continue to struggle and that for Cassie and Sunny, their work is never done — but the relationship remains at the heart of the series and no matter what happens from here, they will find a way to be there for each other and look towards whatever the future could be. They grieve, but they also look ahead. This was a solid conclusion to what was certainly a poignant season.

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What did you think about the Unforgotten season 3 finale as a whole?

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