The Affair season 4: Ruth Wilson had hoped for different ending

The Affair -The Affair is now moving on without the character of Alison, but unfortunately, the end of that character was far from a joyous one. Regardless of how you interpret this past episode, one thing remains the same: The character is dead, and while we imagine that a cameo in the finale is possible via flashback, we’re not sure that there is any more of her story coming up at all.

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One thing that is 100% clear now, however, is that this was not the end for the Alison character that Ruth Wilson had wanted. Wilson made the decision to leave the series, and yesterday she told CBS This Morning that she was unable to get into details as per why. Now, she is speaking out more about the circumstances surrounding Alison’s exit; take a look at some of her comments via Vulture below:

“No, I had no say over how the character’s arc was going to end, or how she would die and leave … I always hoped that she would… I always had the image that she would walk into the sunset with her son with no man. That’s what I hoped for her. But no.”

What we saw instead was Ben seemingly murder Alison, and moving into the finale, it’s possible that we may never get answers. That doesn’t seem to be the point.

Did we wish for a happier ending for Alison? Absolutely, but at the same time we’re not altogether surprised at the way in which the story is over. Given that The Affair has long given you Alison’s point of view regardless of where she stood in relation to some other characters, it always felt clear (at least to us) that the series was going to need to kill her off if they didn’t want to showcase her for season 5. Otherwise, it doesn’t make sense for her to just run away and not have a role in the story moving forward.

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