The Flash season 5 debate: Should Tom Felton return as Julian?

Tom FeltonOne of the things that we’ve seen about The Flash over the years is that they have no problem throwing in as many characters as possible. In some ways, it’s cool to see so many different people. Yet, at the same time it also does lead to characters being forgotten about over time. You can look at Pied Piper as one example within the world of the show, or you can think about Julian Albert as another. (In a couple of years, you can probably say something similar about Marlize DeVoe.)

When the CW series first brought Tom Felton on board, it was an awesome bit of news given our love of his Harry Potter work and the sort of vibe he brings to much of what he does. We also liked the character he played, mostly because he was a curmudgeon who still, at the end of the day, had a good heart. He was just stuck against his will for a while as Alchemy without even knowing it.

Can you argue that Alchemy was somewhat of a wasted opportunity? Sure, if for no other reason than that there was probably so much more that could’ve been done with him. The other problem is that in the weeks that followed the Julian – Alchemy reveal, there became less and less for the character to do. That’s why it wasn’t a surprise that Julian was written out before season 4.

Yet, we do still think that there’s value in finding a way to bring him back, given that he was such a unique character — plus, it certainly feels like Central City could use a little bit of help now in the CSI department. How you are going to change things up when it comes to the staff at the Central City PD? We do think that there’s a case to be made for bringing back a now-graduated Patty Spivot, as well … but that’s a case to be made down the road.

Basically, what we foresee Julian’s role now being is a brilliant mind and also a human perspective who could help Team Flash on occasion — he knows what it’s like to go through some of what they do, and we did like the connection that he had with Caitlin (even if it didn’t turn romantic). We don’t know if he would be a full-time cast member in the future, but it would be nice to see Felton again on occasion.

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