Take Two episode 9 review: Eddie Valetik’s past — and a future decision

Take Two
Tonight, Take Two episode 9 delivered what was, by far, the most important story for Eddie Valetik of the entire season. This is where we learned about his past not only as a cop, but also why he became one in the first place.

For him, being a cop was a way to escape from his pain and help others who need some sort of hero. It reminded him back to his childhood as the son of immigrant parents. He watched his dad shopped be burned by hateful people and it helped to make it clear for him just what he wanted out of the remainder of his life.

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Yet, things happen and your life goals change, and this episode was a reminder of this as Eddie teamed up with Sam, and some of his former LAPD cohorts, in order to find and stop a serial killer — someone who had given into his inner darkness after someone he cared about in Allison went away. This was a difficult case; not only did they need to find the killer and Allison, but then also get the evidence necessary to put him away.

At the end of the episode, we saw Eddie get an offer in return for his hard work — one that could lead to him getting another gig with the LAPD if he really wanted to. Here’s the twist: He really doesn’t. He has realized that the best way to mitigate his darkness is to be with a partner who cares about him. That’s Sam. He didn’t want her at first, but the two have proven to be a great partnership beyond just solving cases. They care about each other deeply. Whether or not that turns into something more does remain to be seen, but for the time being we’re enjoying getting to watch the journey and the slow build. Granted, we do imagine that something more will happen by the time we get around to the finale.

CarterMatt Verdict

Overall, Take Two episode 9 was one of our favorite episodes from an emotional standpoint. While it didn’t offer up the same sort of fun that we got from last week’s big Sam Swift episode, it was important for setting up his point of view — and also just how much he and Sam still care about each other and really need each other if they want to be successful in this job in the long-term.

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