Making It episode 3 review: The backyard bonanza

Making It episode 1We’ve now made it through Making It episode 3 and we are very-pleased to report one thing: The series remains every bit as enjoyable as it was during the first two go-arounds. It’s a creative, lighthearted show that continues to find new ways to test its Makers.

First, we saw this in the form of what was basically a snack design challenge where people had to show just how brilliant they were when it comes to edible arrangements. mostly, what this particular challenge did was make us hungry more so than anything else. Robert won it, making him the first person this season with two individual wins and patches.

Then, we had the second challenge, which was all about designing the perfect outdoor seating area using a wide array of recycled material. There were so many creative ideas here. Amber created an outdoor arrangement themed around Miami, Billy made a fun variation on bowling and golf, and Robert tried to do something to do with star-gazing. What was so interesting about this is that despite Robert’s positive performance in some of the other challenges, he was in danger here. This was a really sweet, really fun challenge that was all about people creating a warm, comfortable, and fun environment.

We do understand that Making It is technically a competition, but even with that,we don’t really think that the results don’t matter all that much. Everyone seems like they are still having a good time and we’re most watching for the sake of seeing everyone have a good time. The judges are necessary, but their presence is also the least-fun part of the show mostly because that they technically have the hard job to do. They have to send people home so that there is some sort of narrative here. (We do love the fact that Amy Poehler and Nick Offerman keep pawning the elimination responsibilities over to the judges.)

The winner of the backdoor challenge in the end was Khiem, who made a really lovely outdoor theater with surprisingly-comfy outdoor chairs. Meanwhile, the person who went home was Nicole Sweeney, who just didn’t have a cohesive theme for her outdoor arrangement. This was a tough weekly, mostly because everyone seemed to do a really good job and it was mostly just about finding the right way to meet the challenge.

CarterMatt Verdict

As a whole, we do think that Making It is continuing its momentum with fun, engaging competitions, great banter with the hosts, and endings that don’t feel too sad. There’s also a good balance to the show right now where it doesn’t feel like one person is the obvious favorite.

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