Suits season 8 episode 5 video: Did Samantha cross a line with Alex’s family?

Suits season 8 episode 2
What is coming up on Suits season 8 episode 5? Based on the latest information that is out there, it looks like there is plenty of tension ahead between Samantha Wheeler and Alex Williams.

What is most of it geared around? Think in terms of her family, and getting apparently too involved in her handing down some sort of “wisdom” to his kids. Alex does not appreciate that at all, which isn’t really surprising just because Samantha doesn’t seem to be the sort of person who is patient or nurturing to kids. Instead, she’s harsh and more of a realist. Whatever she does infuriates Alex, but Samantha responds to it by suggesting that she’s just trying to give Alex’s kids an education into precisely how the world works.

Let’s go ahead and say this now: We don’t think that Alex and Samantha are going to be BFFs anytime soon. They can work together at times when they need to but, in the end, her natural tendency to trample on other people’s toes will continue to come up.

As for the other story of this episode… We wrote about this previously, but Harvey Specter is going to be dealing with his brother for a case that could open some old wounds from his past. Because of that, and his general stubbornness, Harvey isn’t going to be all that inclined to want to work with him. We imagine that this is going to be a story about understanding, and it seems like on the surface this could be one of the best Harvey / Donna storylines of the season. After all, at some point isn’t Harvey going to have to talk to somebody about what he’s dealing with? It certainly feels like it.

Let’s just hope that Harvey finds a way to figure this out and doesn’t carry any pain towards his brother for an extended period of time. We’ve already had enough of that.

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