Better Call Saul season 4 episode 2 review: Gus Fring knows; Jimmy’s search

Better Call Saul season 4Tonight, Better Call Saul season 4 episode 2 continued a similar pattern to what it laid out in the premiere — basically, it drifted from one storyline to the next and showed, in the process, that Jimmy McGill is doing everything that he can in order to avoid some of his grief when it comes to Chuck’s death.

Instead of Jimmy trying to take a little bit of time in order to better grieve and process precisely what happened, we instead saw him kick off on the trail for a new job. He wanted to make money and contribute and, beyond that, he wanted the distraction. What Jimmy found during his search was that he was so good of a salesman that he could convince people to hire him just based on a strong argument. With this, Jimmy then remembered that the sort of people who would hire him on such a whim were probably not the sort of people who he would really want to work for.

Meanwhile, Mike, Gus Gring, and Nacho were all one way or another within the same orbit dealing with the aftermath of the Hector incident … while all trying their best in order to figure out precisely where they stood. These were all characters desperate to have a place and a piece of the pie, but they all did want to go about it in their own individual way.

The best moment of the entire episode, though, goes to Kim Wexler for completely blowing up on Howard at his office. He made it clear to her that Chuck had left to Jimmy $5,000 in his will and a few other odds and ends — including a letter. Kim was unhappy about much of this, just like she was also unhappy with much of everything else that transpired following the end of this past season.

Closer to the end of the episode, Jimmy made it back home and reconvened with Kim, where the two were able to have a conversation about the future. Kim did lie to Jimmy about what she went through with Howard; she wanted him to be okay and that seemed to be what most of the entire story for the two of them was really about.

The stand-off

The episode went back to Nacho at the end of the episode, as we watched a pretty-tense stand-off unfold, one that eventually led to a realization that Nacho really needs to pick a side. He’s stuck between the Salamancas and also Gus Fring, and to make matters worse, Gus knows what he did to Hector last year and now owns him.

CarterMatt Verdict

Better Call Saul season 4 episode 2 was a reminder that everyone deals with grief in their own way — for Jimmy, he handled it by going a hundred miles an hour. He couldn’t sleep and he couldn’t think, but he also really did not want to think.

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