Lodge 49 episode 3 preview: Liz and Dud’s memorial

Lodge 49 episode 3Next week, Lodge 49 episode 3 is heading to AMC and with this, we may finally get more of a sense as to where things are going. If nothing else, it does feel like we’re going to see more of Dud’s initiation into the lodge. It’s something that he demanded in return for staying silent about Ernie scamming him for cash — really, Ernie’s lucky that Dud isn’t the sort of guy who wants to go to the cops over it. Instead, he’s just going to use it to get a faster membership to an organization that probably would’ve eventually brought him in anyway, largely due to the fact that they should be pretty darn desperate for new people at this point. It’s not like anyone is really banging down the door, desperate to become a part of this place.

So where are we going for sure next week? Well, we will be exploring more of what Ernie’s life is like outside of the Lodge, as he will be working to keep his relationship with Connie strong. Meanwhile, Liz and Dud are going to honor their father, which we hope is the sort of thing that does eventually let Dud start to move forward rather than being continuously transfixed on where things are at this very moment. That’s a pretty difficult spot for him to be forever.

Below, the Lodge 49 episode 3 synopsis offers some more news when it comes to the series:

Liz and Dud hold a memorial for their father. Ernie and Connie finally get a weekend alone together.

Now, this is the part of the preview where we state that we hope people still continue to watch. This show moves about as fast as a tortoise, but there is still something about it that is incredibly endearing and fun to watch. It’s got good characters, and that at least helps to keep us on board as a viewer.

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