Lodge 49 episode 2 review: The key to success

Lodge 49 episode 2Two episodes in and AMC’s Lodge 49 remains a strange, inquisitive, and also remarkably entertaining show. We still have no idea what the point of any of this is, but it has a human element to it that’s very appealing. In the midst of so many other series with super-high stakes and constant death, there’s almost something relaxing about watching Dud meander through life.

There was at least one big plot revelation during this episode, as Dud realized over the course of the episode that Ernie scammed him out of $1,800 when the membership fee to the lodge was actually $200. You can argue that it was a questionable plot decision to have Ernie the character do this in the first place, thinking that Dud would never find out from someone else that the fee is $200. Then again, maybe he was desperate since so much of that character’s story revolves around his inability to get ahead and actually push his life in the direction that he wants.

Yet, it seems like Dud has worked out an arrangement for himself — basically ten years’ worth of membership at the lodge plus also keys so that he can come and go as he pleases. This really speaks to who Dud is: A nomad with no real purpose and a desperation to find others in his life. Yet, he still doesn’t have the courage to ask the woman out at the library, or to step away from his old family home for good. He needs a stable job and some sort of life other than just chilling at the donut shop and spending his nights with his sister, who is so desperate to escape her life of debt and condescension as a waitress at a Hooters-esque restaurant that she spent a minute of this episode hiding in a refrigerator.

Meanwhile, it seems like the head of the Lodge in Larry Loomis has taken off after his sudden “recovery” at the hospital and Ernie is in trouble. Someone is coming to transfer over the ownership — maybe this story will go somewhere, or maybe this story is meant to meander just as much as Dud.

CarterMatt Verdict

Lodge 49 is not a show designed to date to be one that you have to watch immediately — it’s probably great for binge-watching, but we do think there is something appealing about getting a new story for Dud a week. We don’t think this needs to be a plot-heavy show by any means, but fingers crossed that the next two episodes actually offer up more of a sense as to where the story is going. Otherwise, we can foresee some more demanding viewers losing interest fairly soon.

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