Doctor Who season 11 production designer vents about Tardis leak

Doctor Who season 11 logoUnfortunately, Doctor Who season 11 is subject yet again to some unwanted headlines due to leaks — and the show’s production designer has some very clear thoughts about it.

Recently, an unwelcome photo made its way onto social media featuring the new version of the Tardis interior, something that was redesigned for Jodie Whittaker’s stint as The Doctor. It’s not a photo we will share here, mostly because we like these things to come from official channels. Meanwhile, as Arwel Wyn Jones explains below, this is not a proper representation of what the Tardis is going to look like, either.

Let’s put things into perspective in this way: Arwel and the rest of the team spent countless hours coming up with the perfect new image of the Tardis, something that would be a perfect representation of their era of Doctor Who and the new iteration of the character. More than likely, they were planning some sort of big reveal for it down the road. Now, however, they have to contend with someone creating a terrible misrepresentation of what it’s mean to look like, and that could in turn throw some cold water on everything that they worked so hard in order to properly execute. This is something that, understandably, makes Jones “incandescent with rage.”

So why do the leaks keep happening? Much of that just has to do with the fact that the enthusiasm for the new season is high, and there are also some people out there who care more about making a quick buck or getting attention for themselves than preserving the overall legacy of the series.

In the end, though, the good news still remains this — we think that the vast majority of people are going to get a chance to see the new Tardis for the first time when the official release happens. Even though so many have access to the internet these days, we think that a relatively-small minority of people will have actually spotted the Tardis photo at the time of the leak.

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