Does Legends of Tomorrow season 4 need any crossovers at all?

Legends of TomorrowEarlier this year, the sad news came out that the upcoming Batwoman crossover on The CW will not feature Legends of Tomorrow in it. The immediate reaction we had to this was sadness, mostly because A) we love the ragtag group of Legends and B) it always does feel like they are the oft-ignored show within the Arrowverse … despite them probably being the best show of the bunch for at least this past year, if not longer. This is the show that most embraces the idea of being a comic-book series — it is perpetually fun, perpetually adventurous, and it often finds a way to fuel itself off of its own in-jokes and references. Because it’s not as directly attached to any comics as some of the other series are, it does feel like this is giving the writers more of an opportunity to have a field day with the material.

It is with this in mind that we pose the following question — is there really any need for there to be any crossovers with the Legends in the near future? The reality here is this with the crossover — it’s hard to really include this group in these events because there are so many characters and, in turn, you have to then add in all of the characters from the other shows plus Batwoman. That is no easy task.

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Yet, in some ways this is really addition by subtraction. Think about things in this sense. Because Legends of Tomorrow is not a part of the crossover, it in turn actually has the freedom to tell some of its own stories without interruption. It also doesn’t lose an episode in its overall order to this big event, which is significant since it has fewer episodes overall than some of the other shows traditionally. This allows us to get more Legends, more craziness, and less of other characters colliding with it and taking away from its stories.

All in all, getting to see the Legends on their own doing their own thing is nothing short of gravy in our books. Maybe you can do little crossovers here and there down the road. The only drawback we see is that it could mean less Legends of Tomorrow promotion and this show deserves all the love humanly possible. It earned it well before busting out a giant Beebo.

Do you think that Legends of Tomorrow season 4 needs to have any crossovers to be successful? Sound off now in the comments!

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