Is a Fear the Walking Dead – The Walking Dead crossover due to happen?

Fear the Walking DeadAs we approach the midseason premiere of Fear the Walking Dead this weekend, it does feel like the right time to re-address the crossover possibilities with The Walking Dead proper — and for good reason.

If you are viewing the spin-off show this season, then you realize already that there is a major crossover component present in the form of Morgan. He has been around for the entirety of the season and we’ve got zero reason to think that he will be leaving in the immediate future. Yet, in some of the information that we’ve got — to be specific, previews that we’ve seen for Sunday’s episode — he makes it clear that he does have an interest in heading back to where he came from in Alexandria and some of the other communities that are out there. He also makes it clear that he would like to have a little bit of company on the trip. We don’t really think that we need to dance around anything here as we explain why this is a clear sign that a crossover could be coming soon. The series is pretty directly hinting that Morgan is at least a fan of the idea!

So could it actually end up happening? While we do think there may be some intrigue around the idea in 2019, it is hard to really imagine it simultaneously. For starters, the two shows film in different cities, and also do not exactly film at the same time. Trying to figure out a way in which for this to work would be a nightmare in the first place, let alone then trying to figure out a worthy story for it. With the pacing for The Walking Dead being so slow at times, for example, it’s hard to do some stunt crossover episode where the two shows interact for an hour and then diverge. It doesn’t really fit into the sort of storytelling that either show does, either.

At most, what we could foresee happening is something like this: A couple of Fear the Walking Dead characters visiting Alexandria with Morgan at the start of season 5, dropping him off, and then going their own direction. While this would certainly still feel like a stunt, it is at least a stunt that we could creatively get behind.

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