Shahs of Sunset season 7 episode 3 preview: Reza’s secret & its consequences

Shahs of SunsetWhat lies ahead on Shahs of Sunset season 7 episode 3? Much of that depends on whatever character you are talking about but no matter who you watch the show for, it seems as though there is a lot going on — and a lot of it is dramatic.

Take, for example, Reza worrying about a secret that could come out and cause some problems in his relationship with Adam. What is it? The preview video below doesn’t give you all of the answers on that particular subject, but the synopsis below does:

MJ rides an emotional roller coaster as she deals with the fallout from the Valentine’s Day party, as well as her dad’s declining health. Nema comes clean to his live-in girlfriend about his flirtation with GG and faces the consequences. Reza, whose husband Adam has been not-so-subtly hinting about having a baby for over a year now, considers an investment opportunity that would likely push the baby plans back. Meanwhile, Destiney begins to dip her toes back into the dating pool.

As this clearly indicates, Reza has some important decisions to make here given that there is only so long you can make someone wait before they are going to start to get impatient. Business versus family is always going to be a concern when you are highly successful, and this is something that he is going to have to weigh out in his head leading into this episode airing.

As for what else we could see in this episode, the preview suggests that tattoo removal could be a part of it … as could Nema having to make it clear just what happened with GG. This is an episode about moving forward from some past commitments, as well as some current ones being in danger depending on decisions that are made … or at least that is what the promo would like you to believe. While these can be deceptive, things are clearly things that Bravo wants to be on your mind.

Where do you think things are going to go entering Shahs of Sunset season 7 episode 3? Let us know right away in the comments!

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