Veep season 7 table read underway; check out first photo!

It has been a long time coming for many people out there, but Veep season 7 is getting closer to finally being a reality.

In a new post on Instagram below, you can see series star Julia Louis-Dreyfus gathering together with the cast and crew for a table read of some upcoming episodes. If this was just an ordinary table read for an ordinary season of the show, we imagine that this would not be anywhere near as big of a story. Yet, it is the circumstances of it that help to make things all the more significant. For starters, this is the final season of Veep that is premiering on HBO at some point next year, and it also marks a comeback for Louis-Dreyfus after being diagnosed with breast cancer. The series was delayed so that she could receive proper treatment, and it is a thrill that she is doing better now and is back at work with many of her friends and colleagues.

Going into this final season, there are certainly many questions as to what the future is going to hold for Selina Meyer. At the end of this past season, she made it clear that she wanted to campaign for President once more, much to the chagrin of those around her. As a result of this, we have many different questions about what Veep is ultimately going to be about. Are we meant to look at this series in the long-term as one about someone’s determination and rise to power, or more about a politician who can’t let go of a dream that she has that nobody else wants to really endorse? Had Selina changed all that much over the years, we’d be a little more inclined to say the former … but we also recognize that this is a subject that we really should not be taking all that seriously in the first place. Veep is a comedy, and a rather satirical one at that.

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