Shadowhunters fails to find new home, per production company; what’s next?

Shadowhunters season 2 finale reviewWe do have some more news to report today when it comes to Shadowhuntersbut unfortunately, it’s far from good. As a matter of fact, it’s the worst news that the fandom could receive after a solid couple of months of campaigning to save the canceled Freeform series.

In a new statement, Constantin Film (the production company behind the show) announced today that Shadowhunters has failed to find a new home and with that, they are seemingly set to move on from the current version of the show. Read more below:

To our loyal and vocal fans who put so much behind making the show the popular series that it became, we extend our deepest thanks for your enduring support. The outpouring from the fandom from the start, and since the announcement of the show’s cancellation has indelibly touched all of us involved. We’re so grateful to have gone on this journey with you. Regrettably for all involved, SHADOWHUNTERS must come to an end. While we are trying to figure out new ways and new incarnations in which to bring the Shadow World to fans worldwide, we are sad to say that after many efforts by all parties involved, it’s not possible for this version of SHADOWHUNTERS to continue.

The first that we have to point out here, sad as it may be, is that you have to take the statement with a certain degree of seriousness. If Constantin Film are the production company behind the series and they are saying that they are not going to continue to look for a new home for a show, that can’t be ignored. We’ve said throughout the campaign that we’re not interested in giving anyone false hope or leading anyone on; we’ve seen first-hand how much Shadowhunters fans have fought for this show and ignoring this statement from Constantin altogether would feel like exploiting a fanbase, one that deserves so much better, for the sake of attention.

So why wait for months for the production company to make this clear? The reason for that is simply that over the past couple of months, Constantin Film has been looking to find potential suitors around the globe, making calls and trying to make it financially work. Remember this: They’re a business who loves making money, and they have to know that Shadowhunters was a great money-maker for them. We do firmly believe that they looked for another home for the series — we know that campaigns to save shows take time, and that’s what they were likely looking to do.

If there is one thing that feels like a huge misfire on their part, it is them releasing a statement like this on the subject, something that is very short and does not acknowledge the campaigns, the banners, the charitable contributions to The Trevor Project, the petition, or anything else. They did need to express more compassion beyond just acting as though a “new incarnation” was going to be enough to offer some hope. This statement feels cold. They failed to recognize the full scope of passion that fans have for the show, and that makes us feel that while they were aware of the efforts to save the show, maybe they weren’t as in-tune for it as they should have been.

So … is there any hope?

The biggest thing that we can say right now is to watch Shadowhunters when it returns in the new year — if you want to keep campaigning until then, all the power to you! We’ll continue to write about the series if there is something big or hopeful happening; we’ve come this far and have no intention of abandoning anyone. This statement does require a shift of thinking, though, since it is increasingly hard to save a series if the in-house production company isn’t fighting for it.

The reason we mention the episodes next year specifically is this: If the ratings rise by a good amount next year, you never know what will happen. While Shadowhunters was not canceled solely because of ratings, better numbers can go a long way to maybe convincing someone to change their mind.

To everyone who fought to save the show

Be proud of yourselves and all of the work you did. We do think that #SaveShadowhunters brought everyone together in an era in which forces are often trying to tear everyone apart. Celebrate the good you’ve done for others and the new friends and relationships you’ve made. Those will outlive and define your life in ways you could have never imagined. Love and cherish the show, and if next year truly is the end, just remember that Shadowhunters fans have done all they can to ensure that it went out with a bang. It deserves a season 4, but sometimes in life what we get and deserve are two different things.

Just be sure to take a breather, care for yourself, and be proud of what you’ve done. Nothing is a reflection on you.

We have more thoughts on this subject in the video below.


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