Big Brother 20 episode 20 review: Is Bayleigh Dayton evicted?

Are you ready for Big Brother 20 episode 20? We knew that we were, mostly because from the start, there were questions about the eviction. While we felt reasonably confident that Bayleigh Dayton would be getting the axe, we did still think there was a chance that Angie “Rockstar” Layton would be sent home instead. Much of it was coming down to Sam, who was refusing to say what she wanted to do leading up to the eviction.

Of course, there was a lot of story that tonight’s episode had to tell before we even got to that point; after all, viewers tonight were getting a chance for the first time to see the most dramatic argument of the entire season between Bayleigh and Tyler. It had been brewing for a little while.

The show did a good job letting us see everything leading up to the meeting, whether it be Tyler acting cold towards Bayleigh after the Veto Ceremony, Haleigh telling Bay about the power app, and then the big argument between Tyler and Bayleigh that happened. It was just as crazy on the show (in condensed form) as it was on the feeds; heck, they even showed Bayleigh’s mouth starting to bleed at the end.

Campaign speeches – Rockstar apparently decided that she didn’t want to quit the game after debating that for a good part of the week. Bayleigh was heartfelt and complimentary to many players … even Tyler.

The vote – Haleigh nullified Tyler’s vote for eviction. The vote was actually 6-1, with Sam being the one person ironically who kept her in the game. Bayleigh’s interview with Julie was tremendous in between learning about Swaggy visiting her family and her reaction to Angela’s goodbye message.

Head of Household – this was a classic Big Brother knockout game where the contestants had to answer a number of questions about long hashtags. It always feels like these competitions are chosen at a time when one side of the house is dominant over the other — yet, the Hive at least had a reasonably good chance at winning this. They had to guess long hashtags and surprisingly, most of these people were terrible at this.

We felt like Haleigh would be good at this after seeing what she did during the first Hacker Comp and because of that, she is the new HoH! This is great for the game since it keeps the two sides relatively even. It also means that Tyler is probably going to have to play the Cloud power app. This is GREAT for the sake of drama.

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