Making It episode 3 preview: Quest for the perfect party

Making It episode 1
Coming up on Making It episode 3 on NBC Tuesday night, the remaining Master Crafters are going to be facing a challenge like no other: Making the world’s best party. Or, at the very least the party with the greatest overall quantity of sugar.

What’s so interesting about this particular challenge is that none of these crafters are necessarily chefs or bakers. With that, we have to imagine that most of the food is delivered to them already constructed and they have to find a way to make it look neat. (If they are doing to cooking themselves, we’ll be even more shocked/impressed.) Either way, this is probably going to be both a challenging and also delightfully fun competition — especially when you get to the second part of the episode, which is really all about creating the perfect carnival game.

What’s so remarkable about Making It is that it gives you a chance to have a whole lot of fun without throwing a lot of bells and whistles at you. Its charm does not come via dramatic twists or throwing its contestants into different locations. Almost all of the show is set within a single place and it’s lighthearted, straightforward, and fun. Amy Poehler and Nick Offerman keep the tone light, and while there is a thirst for the money at the end it doesn’t seem like anyone is ready to chop their fellow contestants’ heads off in order to get it.

We hope that someone over at the network is already thinking about a possible season 2 idea for Making It given that now that we’ve got this show, it’s really hard to actually imagine our summers without it … and that’s only two episodes in. We just really like this show! We feel like we know a good bit about the contestants already and there are likely so many different muscles that they’re going to have to flex before the end.

Check out the preview video for Making It episode 3 below, and be sure to share your own thoughts / expectations below!

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