Big Brother 20 live feed spoilers: Sam’s vote is up in the air (day 51, afternoon)

Sam Bledsoe
We didn’t anticipate that we would have a controversy surrounding Sam’s vote in the Big Brother 20 house so close to eviction. Yet, here we are. We are mere hours away from one of the biggest decisions of the season and she is refusing to say which way she is voting.

Sam’s strategy is a rather interesting one — leaving your fellow houseguests completely in the dark about who she is voting for. Sam seems to think that she can play the game without ever letting anyone know what her plans are in advance. This is what she wanted to do as Head of Household for most of the time she had that position, and this is also what she wants to do now with her voting. Depending on what Scottie does, she could be the swing. If Scottie votes to evict Bayleigh, then Sam’s vote is irrelevant. Yet, if Scottie actually votes to keep Bayleigh and Haleigh goes through with her plan to cancel Tyler’s vote, then all of the power goes to Sam.

The reality that Sam probably faces in the game at the moment is this: She really can’t win. It’s just hard to picture it based on the way that she plays the game; also, it’s hard to imagine Haleigh ever voting for her after what she said to her in her nomination speech. That’s not the sort of thing that you can just forget about. She may end up just playing the game based on what her heart wants, and it’s already clear that Rockstar is debating as to whether or not she wants to be there. She talked with Sam about that already and that could be a driving force in some of the choices she makes.

Just in terms of who we’d like to see stay, we gotta give it to Bayleigh since she produces infinitely more drama and entertainment in the game. Yet, when it comes to what will probably happen, it’s probably going to be Bayleigh leaving. There are two different things we have to count on in Scottie and Sam that it makes it hard to bank on this.

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