The Sinner season 2 episode 2 review: Secrets of the Grove

Sinner season 2 episode 2

At the end of The Sinner season 2 premiere, Carrie Coon’s character of Vera made a stunning admission: She was the mother of Julian, the young boy who was accused of murdering his supposed parents.

As she spoke with Heather and Ambrose, she did her part to have a defense for everything — that these “parents” Adam and Bess were just absent-minded (hence them not having a bag for them) and that Julian was a good boy who would have never done something so terrible as murder two people knowingly. She also demanded to see her son and eventually, she ended up doing just that with supervision.

Yet, the more that we learned about Vera, the creepier she became as a character. She was desperate to take Julian out of custody, and potentially back to what was a rather obscure compound twenty miles out of town. This commune operates largely within its own world, and that makes her all the more mysterious. She is close, and yet an outsider. The same goes for Julian, a kid who Harry really wanted to better understand if at all costs. Alas, Julian was not altogether interested in talking with Harry about his relationship with his supposed mom.

After this interview, the objective became very clear for Ambrose: Figuring out just who Vera really was. Unfortunately, she was in some many ways a ghost. She wasn’t someone who anyone was altogether willing to trust and, to be frank, they didn’t have any reason to believe in her, either. The series loves to live in ambiguity and in all honesty, they really do not need to offer up many answers right away.

Ambrose and Heather’s search for answers led the two of them to eventually visiting the compound (otherwise known as The Grove), one that just so happened to have a connection to Heather’s own past. While we were far from sold on some of the flashbacks for most of the episode, they did make sense once we started to get the sense as to where the series was going here. This was all about showing how shaken she was returning to a place that she had some far-from-great memories being at previously.

When eventually the two characters made it to Vera’s compound, they realized soon after that this was a free-form society with no clearly-defined leader, but a place that was very communal and guarded. Julian was the only child at the compound, and that was certainly a little strange. It was also strange to learn that there was a sex offender there and Vera really did not seem to mind. The “parents” Julian was with were also residents of the compound.

What was the big twist tonight? Well, it turns out that the couple who departed with Julian really had no intention of coming back. Instead, Adam and Bess may have been trying their best in order to escape.

CarterMatt Verdict

The Sinner season 2 episode 2 continued to show us that this was a series all about secrets and trying to better understand them. This episode effectively introduced you to a whole community of them. There are so many questions that are worth having.

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