Suits season 8 episode 4 review: Zane’s shocking history; did Alex leave?

Suits season 8 episode 2Suits season 8 episode 4 had higher expectations going into it than we certainly imagined that it would going in. Why is that? Well, a big part of it is due to our overall enjoyment of the season so far. While we didn’t have low expectations following the exit of Mike and Rachel, it was a toss-up how a new version of the show would work.

Yet, four episodes again and it’s official: Suits is still awesome. Harvey Specter is still the legal badass that we’ve come to know and love, while the promotions of Dule Hill and Amanda Schull are very much worthwhile. It’s sad to think that Wendell Pierce is not a regular given that Robert Zane is tremendous — he’s a heavyweight boxer who can dive into the ring with Harvey at any given time.

Tonight, Harvey and Zane got into an argument over how they were going to use Alex, who found himself in the middle of how to handle a client who was very interested in crossing lines for the sake of getting precisely what they wanted. Zane wanted them to do whatever it took, Harvey had his own reservations, but then Alex went his own way and showed, really for the first time all season, just how formidable he was. This was needed, given that too much of the season had been spent showing him as the guy who needed collaboration or undercutting in order for the case to be closed.

In the wake of everything that happened tonight Alex did contemplate departing Zane Specter Litt. Yet, it was Donna who actually allowed him to stay … and Donna who actually made it clear to Robert that he has to give up a little bit of control from time to time.

Louis’ mugging

This was one of the more emotional stories of the episode, and since Rick Hoffman is consistently great we were more than fine with it. At the start of the hour, Louis was attacked in the street and in the aftermath of it, he struggled with opening up out of fear he would be perceived as weak. He lashed out at Samantha, broke down with Harvey, and suffered in court in the aftermath. He needed to learn how to cope, and also to tell Robert Zane a little bit about what happened.

What was shocking to learn tonight was that Robert Zane actually was on the other side of a mugging years back. It was a secret that he’s carried with him for some time and he carries that shame with him every day. It was subtle, but a great performance by Pierce in this moment. Also, Samantha offered to teach him self-defense to feel better.

CarterMatt Verdict

Hoffman’s excellence was at the center of this episode, but so was another well-crafted Suits story. While we do think that there could be a couple more serialized stories this season, Aaron Korsh and the writers are continuing to show that they have a great grasp on what Suits is and what it should be.

With that said, slight deduction over Alex not liking Star Trek.

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