Big Brother 20 live feed spoilers: Haleigh’s house meeting (day 50, afternoon)

Big Brother 20 premiere
Early this afternoon in the Big Brother 20 house, we were told that a house meeting was gong to take place where it would expose Haleigh’s power. Often, such threats prove fruitless and they are hard to take seriously…. not this time.

Today, Haleigh actually delivered on this by giving us the wonderful gift of a seriously dramatic house meeting, one where she exposed her Hacker Competition win to the rest of the house. Gameplay-wise, we thought that this was a terrible move since there wasn’t really any reason to ever tell everyone in the first place except to take the heat off of Bayleigh. While Haleigh wants to keep Bayleigh in the house, we don’t think that announcing what you did is the right way to go about it since really, it’s just putting a bigger target on yourself.

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So how did Haleigh set up this meeting? Basically, she tried to proclaim that this was a chance for everyone to apologize to Bayleigh for acting like she had the power … and this really just led to Bayleigh screaming at Tyler about how she was treating him and how he supposedly threw Angela’s name out there as a nomination… when he was really just asking a question. We can understand her interpretation but really, we just think Tyler was fishing for information during her HoH more so than anything else.

Another real problem with the house meeting was that it was clear that the Hive side of the house dressed up for it, which made it look like it was a plan that was orchestrated for the sake of throwing Tyler under the bus. Really, it just united Tyler, Sam, JC, Kaycee, Angela, and Brett against her further. It didn’t really accomplish anything and somehow, Haleigh doesn’t really even look like that big of a target in comparison. (In the minutes that followed the meeting, Angela was already comforting Tyler.)

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