Big Brother 20 live feed spoilers: Haleigh tells Faysal about hacker comp (day 50, morning)

Welcome to day 50 in the Big Brother 20 house! This could be a lively one, especially if Haleigh holds her house meeting like she’s planning to

Last night, we reported that Haleigh had clued in Bayleigh to the truth about her winning the hacker competition, and then also her targeting Tyler because she thought it was a chance to actually take him out. Her admission feels more personal than strategic — mostly that she felt bad that Bayleigh would leave the game thinking that someone was out to get her.

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Late last night, after recording our video and writing our final update, Haleigh also did tell Faysal what she did, which isn’t great given that we wouldn’t 100% trust him to keep a secret in the event that she doesn’t do a house meeting. All it takes is Fessy telling his pal JC and then JC running the information back to Tyler for everyone to find out about it and Haleigh ending up on the block… and just like that the Big Brother house of cards could come tumbling down on Haleigh.

This is what makes the Hive such a frustrating alliance — a lot of them are in good spirits and are enthusiastic players, but they shoot themselves in the foot too much and blow opportunities that could change their entire game. For example, Bayleigh had a golden opportunity with her power that she spoiled by telling Rachel and making herself into a target. Haleigh, meanwhile, could position herself into a bigger target than Faysal and Rockstar just by virtue of winning a hacker comp, but could’ve remained under the radar longer if she had kept quiet. If we were Brett, Tyler, or Kaycee and we won the next HoH, we would nominate her just in case she is eligible to compete in the next hacker comp. That way, she has to save herself and you at least nullify some of the blood that is on your own hands.

Haleigh briefly debated doing the house meeting last night, but now, it seems primed to happen later today.

Do you think that there is any good that is going to come from Haleigh’s move? Let us know in the comments!

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