NBC’s Making It episode 2 review: Terrariums and toys

Making It episode 1Following the premiere last night, we had high hopes for Making It to continue its brand of fun moving into episode 2. Luckily, we are here to report that the NBC reality competition series is as lovely a gem as it was the first time around.

Structurally, the episode was the same: Watching contestants try to create various different projects using whatever creative skill set that they could. The first challenge was about making a terrarium based around a place, and there was a lot of really fun stuff that we got a chance to see here. What we really like about this show is that there is such a strong emotional element to every task. You learn more about the makers because of what they create — it’s a great way for the show to make the most of its time, which is important because there is a lot of time given to Amy Poehler and Nick Offerman. Yet, it doesn’t feel like you are getting too much of them.

As for the second challenge, it was all about creating a large-scale toy — think along the lines of a play fort. This was fun since everyone went in such different directions. Take, for example, Amber (who won the first challenge) making a big top and a circus; meanwhile, Billy created a fun taco truck that will help kids learn English and Spanish.

There was a little bit of a last-minute scale tonight for Jeff, who had to basically recreate the entire fort after his first design didn’t work. The winner of the challenge was Billy, which didn’t surprise us at all for everything that he threw in there.

As for who went home, however, it was all about someone going out on a limb … but it just didn’t work. Jeff was eliminated tonight, but at least he had a chance to get a better design together than what he first planned.

CarterMatt Verdict

Making It remains a series that isn’t going to revolutionize reality TV, and we also don’t foresee that there is going to be too much buzz outside of the episodes in the media. Yet, there doesn’t really need to be. We think that a big part of what makes this series so great for the most part is that its small, its insular, and it’s fun. You really get the sense that everyone involved loves what they do and are happy to be there. You don’t get the sense that there is any drama or ego dominating anything behind the scenes.

We’re really sad to see Jeff leave, mostly because he was such a joyous guy with a great story who really seemed to enjoy being there with all of those people.

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