Is Christopher Larkin, Chelsey Reist leaving The 100 after season 5 finale?

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Are Christopher Larkin and Chelsey Reist leaving The 100 following the intense events of the season 5 finale? Well, prepare to get some tissues.

Alas, it does seem as though we’re seeing the end of the road here for both Monty and also Harper after an intense, emotional hour-long send-off to the season. We knew that there would be casualties, and these two are fairly significantly.

For Larkin, he confirmed his exit himself in a series of posts on Twitter, ones where he thanked showrunner Jason Rothenberg for his support.

Take a look at those tweets below now:

Reist, meanwhile, has not confirmed her face personally on social-media as of this writing, but we’re currently shedding a tear or two for Harper after what happened in the finale.

If this is the end, we certainly wish the two of them well and realize that it is a part of this world that characters are going to die. We’re used to it, but at the same time it’s the sort of thing that still somehow catches you off-guard and breaks you at different moments.

Was there still hope in the finale? Maybe at moments, and we know that there were a few visual shots that many fans out there appreciated (especially those of you who like Bellamy and Clarke). Yet, there’ll be more opportunities to discuss these characters moving forward. Right now, let’s just focus on who we lost and how this could lead to a big shakeup for the series moving into season 6. We don’t think that you can just drop someone who was in the majority of the series leading until the start of the new season and expect it to be even remotely the same. It’s inevitable that things are going to be different. They have to be, so we’ll see what is next.

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