Animal Kingdom season 3 episode 11 review: Is Smurf behind Baz’s death?

Animal Kingdom season 3Tonight, Animal Kingdom season 3 episode 11 was a story about cracking the code … or was it, really?

Let’s make one thing clear: We do think that we should take Smurf’s admission to Lucy that she ordered the hit on Baz at face value. It makes some sense in her own demented mind, and she’s certainly eager to have as much control over the family as possible.

Yet, there is a part of us that does wonder if this was an admission made mostly so that Smurf can get what she wanted from Lucy: Peace and a resolution to the hostage crisis. After a confrontation earlier in the episode that led to the shooting of Marco, Pope was captured and it was only after Lucy heard Smurf’s admission that she told her where he was. At that point, though, Pope wasn’t altogether grateful — learning that Smurf was behind Baz’s death will do that to someone.

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So, it feels like the rumors are true and this is an issue that can be put to rest … or can it? The problem Smurf now faces is getting the boys all on board with her to continue doing operations her way even though they aren’t altogether interested in trusting her with anything. She has a hard challenge when it comes to figuring out the future of her business. To go along with that, it doesn’t seem like Pope is really taking all that much comfort in the idea of Lena staying with someone who wasn’t him — even if it did seem like she had a good life.

CarterMatt Verdict

We’re torn about this episode. All of the stuff with Smurf was super-intense and having her utter the words that she was behind Baz’s death is a moment that’s been long in the making. It shows just how dangerous she is and also how careful the Cody Boys really need to be around her.

However, we also do wonder after this just how important Billy really was to the story, after all. It almost felt in this episode like he was never really a part of the show at all and the writers just wanted to have some Denis Leary star power in there to balance out losing Baz. It was a pretty big transition from most of the rest of the season, even if the story was compelling and it felt like we finally got what we wanted out of Smurf … or at least we think that we did.

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