Big Brother 20 live feed spoilers: How is Bayleigh coping? (day 48, evening)

BayleighIn the aftermath of all of the craziness that took place in the Big Brother 20 finale on CBS tonight, how is Bayleigh dealing with all of it?

Well, she’s doing just about as well as we suppose she could be … at least in that she’s not getting super-angry or burning her bridges that could give her a chance to stay. She’s made it clear that she’s not so much upset about being on the block as she is some of the stuff that was said her. She’s angry about being accused of winning the Hacker Competition, which has been made especially funny by the fact that Haleigh won it and basically has to comfort one of her best friends in the game.

As of right now, it doesn’t seem like Bayleigh has much of a chance and the dominant side of the house isn’t even interested in getting creative with the votes as a means of splitting the votes. They would love to turn the members of the Hive alliance against each other, but they don’t want to run a risk. Voting Bayleigh out isn’t really about the Hacker Comp; it’s more about the fact that she made the terrible mistake of outing her Power App to Rachel. This incentivizes every person to vote her out just so that they can ensure that she can’t screw them over with it later.

One of the questions that we are wondering the most right now is this: Is Haleigh eligible to play in the Hacker Comp again? There was no mention of that in the last episode and if she is, that could be a very big advantage for her alliance. Her problem now is mostly just that either her, Rockstar, or Faysal needs to win in order to have a chance. Otherwise, it’s hard for any of them to envision a clear path moving forward. (Maybe Scottie could pull something with him, but he also may be buying his time and surviving a few votes at this point.)

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