Big Brother 20 episode 18 review: Who won the Hacker Competition?

Big Brother 20 premiereTonight, Big Brother 20 episode 18 delivered something rare for a Sunday-night new episode: An opportunity to actually deliver a little bit of information that isn’t out there previously. While there have been rumors for some time about the winner of the Hacker Competitions, it’s never quite been confirmed.

There was actually something else that surprised us to see on the show tonight early on, and that was Tyler covering his tracks with Bayleigh right before the eviction show started. Tyler is a genius in this game right now. Kudos to producers for doing a good job of showing a lot of conflict and funny moments within the first 25 minutes or so, including Sam suggesting that everyone just throw the Hacker Competition to her so that they can take the power back from production. We kind of love this from a comedy point of view, especially since there was a 0% chance that nobody could go through with this.

The official nominations came in, and with that Rockstar was put on the block alongside Scottie. Let’s make it clear: Scottie handled it so much better than Rockstar did.

Hacker Competition – This basically was just word scrambles at a computer, which took place somewhere outside of the Big Brother house seemingly. Was this some local soap-opera set or a production office? Hard to say, but it was definitely interesting to see contestants in a different environment. Also, the green screens were reminiscent of one of our favorite reality shows ever in The Mole — can someone revive that?

The rumors going into this episode were that Haleigh ended up winning it. Those rumors ended up being true. It was fairly close, but she ended up taking the prize home and gained a ton of power this week. That led to one of the biggest surprises of the whole season: Tyler actually going on the block.

(Feed spoilers ahead.)

Haleigh has done a great job since the competition of not tipping her cap that she won it, keeping it to herself and really trying to make a big swing in the game. She is likely aware of how good of a player Tyler is and what he brings to the table. The one thing that we would say is that we wish the show gave us some more time to see her decision. Her rationale seemed to be going after the biggest target who is not being noticed — which is Tyler. With that, her move makes absolutely sense.

Unfortunately, we know that Angela won the Veto, and because of that, Haleigh’s work is really in vain since Angela is likely to save him and nominate Bayleigh instead. It was a good move for her, and we do think that she is a threat coming up this season.

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